Uranium Resources, Inc.

2015 - Anatolia Energy Archive

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10/08/2015Anatolia Energy Ltd – Breakaway Research Report – September 2015PDF550.84 KB22 Oct, 2015 Download
08/27/2015RCF confirms Voting Support for MergerPDF150.78 KB22 Oct, 2015 Download
08/10/2015Uranium Resources’ Merger with Anatolia Energy a Clear WinnerPDF158.43 KB29 Oct, 2015 Download
07/16/2015Merger of Uranium Resources, Inc and Anatolia Energy Limited – 15 July 2015PDF1.61 MB26 Oct, 2015 Download
07/09/2015URI Announcement RE- Butler Ranch Acquisition – 9 July 2015PDF329.60 KB26 Oct, 2015 Download
06/29/2015Anatolia & URI Execute Loan Agreement 23 June 2015PDF80.78 KB26 Oct, 2015 Download
06/29/2015URI Enters Definitive Agreement for Sale of Roca Honda – 28 June 2015PDF155.50 KB26 Oct, 2015 Download
06/04/2015Anatolia Energy Announce Merger with Uranium Resources Inc – 3 JunePDF200.75 KB26 Oct, 2015 Download
06/04/2015Open BriefingPDF1.15 MB26 Oct, 2015 Download
05/21/2015Sefaatli Phase 2 Drilling ResultsPDF1.12 MB26 Oct, 2015 Download
02/27/2015Pre-Feasibility Study Demonstrates Robust Economics of the Temrezli Uranium ProjectPDF1.77 MB26 Oct, 2015 Download
02/09/2015Sefaatli Phase 2 Drilling to commencePDF305.45 KB26 Oct, 2015 Download
01/15/2015Hydrogeological flow test results indicate higher production flow ratesPDF513.55 KB26 Oct, 2015 Download